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Tin Mill Products and Light Gauge Metals

Tin plate, light gauge aluminum, electro-galvanized, and stainless steel.


Camalloy specializes in providing coated, pre-painted and/or laminated light gauge metals to roll-formers and stampers for the manufacture of metal container components and furniture hardware/accessories. Our focus is always on offering flexibility and customer specific supply chain options for material sourcing, processing and on-time delivery of your particular needs.


Tin Mill Products
Thickness:.0058" - .0149"
Finish:5C & 7C
Widths:28" - 44.5"
Tempers:T1 - T5, DR8 & DR9

Aluminum (Light Gauge)
Alloys:5352, 5182, 5052, 5050, 5042, 3105, 3003
Tempers:H14, H19, H32, H34
Thickness:.007" - .022"
Widths:36" - 62"

Electro-Galv (Light Gauge)
Type:BP, CR
Thickness:.007" - .024"
Zinc Weights:Flash - Intermediate
Widths:28" - 48"

Stainless Steel (Light Gauge)
Type:301, 304, 430
Finish:2B, 2D, #3, #4, more available
Widths:16" - 36"

Tin Mill Products and Light Gauge Metal Processing
Coil-Coating, Laminating, Slitting, Cut-To-Length, Primary Scrolled Blanks, Pre-Painting


Please contact Camalloy for technical support for metal can lids, closures and EZO tabs; and furniture hardware/accessories; and a complete listing of tin mill and light gauge metal products.